Nicky Amazon Lodge, welcomes you and puts at your disposal spacious and comfortable rooms in the middle of the jungle, we will help you enjoy an environmentally friendly experience along with the comfort you expect to enjoy on your vacation, always ensuring that our actions, leave a green footprint on your way.

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Pablo Carvajal is considered one of the leaders of the staff of guides, with some years of experience working in some different places of our Amazon rainforest he has developed knowledge that has allowed him to share with the rest of the guides, both local and naturalists, he also speaks good English and German.
Sr. Pablo Carvajal
Naturalist guide
Evi is one of our best guides, he is from Bangladesh, when he arrived to to Ecuador in search of new experiences he fell in love with the jungle and its biodiversity that our country offers, so he decided to be part of Nicky Amazon Lodge and he continues learning about the tropical rainforest and all what it involves.
Al Baten Abdullah
Naturalist guide
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Freddy has always loved cooking and experimenting with new flavors. He is a 100% dedicated and passionate professional, prepared in the best cooking school, his main specialty is Ecuadorian food. Emphasizing its traditional flavors and ingredients. His ability to use local ingredients in the preparation of vegetarian and vegan food stands out. In his free time, after dinner he likes to share and perform songs with visitors.
Freddi Farinango
Romuleins is a person with an adventurous profile, motivated and with great passion for what he does, his goal is to provide new experiences to visitors. He is currently one of the guides that are part of the staff of Nicky Amazon Lodge. He chose his profession because of his love and respect for nature, besides sharing his knowledge, he is in charge of creating environmental awareness and making tourists see the natural and cultural richness of our country as Nicky Amazon Lodge does it.
Romulo Rivadeneira
Naturalist guide
Violeta is one of the female naturalist guides on Nicky's staff, she is a nature lover and her passion for the Ecuadorian Amazon can be seen in each of her guidances, where she fuses and uses technical and colloquial terms that make tourists get fascinated and understand the importance of each of the species within the ecosystem. Besides being friendly, she has the main characteristic of being a sociable and charismatic woman that makes tourists feel at ease with her company.
Violeta Pontón
Naturalist guide
Mama Aurorita is a person who belongs to the Siona nationality, apart from the special charisma she possesses and the way she shares her knowledge, it makes everyone who gets to know her fall in love. His great passion for nature and the love she has always had for Nicky Amazon Lodge has allowed us to have her as part of our staff of local guides.
Mama Aurora
Local Siona Guide


jhon la pg
Jonathán is a professional in the tourism field. He is currently in charge of the reservations department of Nicky Amazon Lodge, so he is always happy to help you with all necessary information related to the tours to the Cuyabeno Amazon rainforest, and together with the rest of the staff make your stay with us really pleasant.
Jhonatan Quitilanda
Booking agent

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  1. Noah says:

    Traveling to the Amazon is an incredible experience. You take a canoe for a couple of hours, arrive at a lodge in the middle of the jungle and be in direct contact with flora and of course the wildlife of the place; it was quite an adventure. The people in the agency who organized my trip did something unique, the planning and recommendations were sensational, and you definitely feel that you are in very good hands.

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