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All prices are net in US dollars. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Our prices do not include: Communities fees, Personal expenses, tips, airport departure tax, National Park taxes, excess baggage charges, or any other additional expenses not specified in the program.

The passenger data must be received in advance of your arrival in Nicky Amazon Lodge in order to confirm your reservation we need a Personal Data Form with your full names, passport numbers, dates of birth, nationalities, special diet required if you need, any allergy or any important medication info that we have to know and your specific interests.

All booking must be sent by email.


Price and service are according to previous arrangements. Not refundable if the passenger does not arrive on specified dates & times.

In order to confirm the reservation, the clients´ full names and passport numbers are needed.

To proceed with the confirmation of your booking, a minimum payment of 50% of the tour’s total amount is required. In that way the requested services can be guaranteed and how a reservation can be given first-priority status. Once we receive the deposit, we will send you the voucher of services for the tour.

The balance due must be paid before the date departure tour otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

Payment in full is due 15 days prior to the departure date.

This confirmation will serve as a legally binding contract for the services requested as per the agreed tour itinerary and details once the balance tour payment has been received.

If the applicant registers for several travelers, he is responsible for all of their contractual obligations as if his own. With the conclusion of the contract the customer agrees to the storage of his/her personal data for use by Nicky Amazon Lodge to facilitate the tour and its itinerary only. Your personal information will not be used for any commercial gain.

If airfare and/or private transportation services are also booked, total deposit (100%) is required to emit the flight tickets and the confirmation for the additional services.


If the cancellation of the tour is made 3 days or less, 100% of the tour’s total fee shall be charged.

The customer must contact one of our representatives directly by e-mail, or via WhatsApp requesting cancellation of the requested tour.

The customer has the option to change the date of the tour, but it must be notified with 2 days in advance of the original date tour by email


  1. Bank draft, wire transfer. If you decide for the Bank Transfer, please confirm with your bank to send us the total amount owed to Dracaena. Please add our processing fee of US $ $40, but also remember to add the fees that your local bank and any third party bank involved in the transfer may charge you. Intermediate banks are often used between your bank and our bank in Ecuador. It could take 3 or 4 days approximately. 
  2. Payment by credit Cards

For payment with credit cards, please add a 7% surcharge to the total amount due to cover the Payment. Just for foreign passengers. Visa, Mastercard and American express are available.

Follow use this form:

Request By: 
Title / Tour: 
Details/ Tour: 
Company Name:DRACAENA S.A.
Address:Pinto E4-353 & Amazonas Ave. Quito, Ecuador
South America
Telephone:(593 2 ) 2906644
Fax Number:(593 2 ) 2546590
E-Mail Address:[email protected]
Name of Contact person:Pablo Carvajal Paredes
Title of Contac person:Managing Director
Currency of CHS Account:USA. DOLLARS
Address of Bank:Av. República & Eloy Alfaro Teléfono: (593 2) 2229 892
Quito, Ecuador
Bank Code or Swift Address:PICHECEQ
Account Number:30607497-04
Account Name:DRACAENA


Nicky Amazon Lodge reserves the right to modify or cancel any program within a tour when it is considered necessary for the benefit of the client. We also reserve the right to accept or refuse any person as a participant in a tour who might compromise the comfort or safety of other participants.

Once a tour is confirmed and payment received, Nicky Amazon Lodge reserves the right to modify the tour only as a result of legitimate and unforeseeable circumstances.

Nicky Amazon Lodge and its affiliates (owners, employees, agents) act only as agents in matters of transportation, accommodations, travel services and shall not be liable for any injury, damage, delay mishap, inconvenience, accidents or irregularity of any kind whatsoever, resulting entirely or in part for the default of any company or individual engaged in providing the arranged services. Nicky Amazon Lodge, assumes no responsibilities for loss or damage to baggage or personal property. On departure upon the travel, the passenger voluntary assumes all risks involved with such travel, and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them.

Nicky Amazon Lodge reserves the right to alter the itinerary when deemed necessary for the well-being of the passenger, and is agreed that no refunds will be given in such circumstances.

On some expeditions it is not possible to accommodate persons with severe health problems or physical disabilities, which involve walking or other activities. It is the passenger responsibility to judge the appropriateness of these travel activities to their physical capabilities. No refund can be made for absence from the tour unless arrangements are made at the time of booking.

Such circumstances include; modifications or deviations from the travel descriptions during the tour due to road conditions, severe weather and official arbitrariness among others; the travel process indicated in the travel description cannot be guaranteed though under all circumstances.

Nicky Amazon Lodge will only make changes to the tour with consideration to the best interests of the client. The agreed travel descriptions only represent the planned travel process, without guaranteeing the details of the exact operational sequence.

Nicky Amazon Lodge will not be liable where circumstances occur outside the control of Nicky Amazon Lodge or its providers.

If clients request special arrangements prior or during the tour, e.g. modification of the tour due to severe weather, once agreed, a written contract must be signed by both parties.

All extra charges that arise due to the modification of the itinerary caused by the client will be debited to the client for immediate payment. The aforementioned charges include; late arrival of the customer to the airport or port resulting in missing embarkation, or late arrival, a premature exit of the country for whatever reason (health, personal, legal etc), illness or accident costs incurred during the trip (e.g. helicopter evacuation, hospitalization, hotel stay for a chaperon or companion).

The client is responsible for meeting any entry and health regulations, passport, customs requirements, visas, and currency import regulations on their own and at their own costs. All disadvantages and charges which arise from disregard to these regulations are accountable to the client even if regulation changes have been modified after the reservation was made.

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