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Lagartococha is one of the deeper places in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest; its geographical location makes this tour to be considered as one of the most wonderful to explore.

We will travel through diferent rivers such as: Cuyabeno, Aguarico, Zancudococha and Lagartococha. During the trip you will observe a high diversity of different species of birds, monkeys, reptiles and the unique pink dolphins.

Lagartococha Camping

Be part of this adventure with Nicky Amazon Lodge, all camping equipment, all meals: vegan and vegetarian are included; purified bottled water, tea and coffee available all day.

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Local communities visit

During your amazon adventure our naturalist english speaking guide will share with us talks about the local communities while we are learning about  their traditions and culture and this will let us understand much better the way of living that local people in the rainforest have. so that we will enjoy the junlge in a better safe and tranquility way. and after that we will go back to our camping site.


Live a unique experience in remote areas deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

The tour starts at 23h30p.m.

In the City of Quito and has an estimated time of 8 hours, to get to the Cuyabeno Bridge, we arrive at 10h30 – 11h00a.m, after checking at the guardianship of the Cuyabeno Bridge, we will navigate down the cuyabeno river for 2 hours and thirty minutes to reach our Nicky Amazon Lodge, on the way our guide will be looking for different species of monkeys and birds. Arrival at the lodge. Lunch. You will have time to rest until 16h30p.m., and then you will go on a night walk to observe different species of spiders, insects, amphibians and others. Dinner and our guide will share the next day’s program.

Note 1: At the moment there is no flight operation from Quito to Lago Agrio.

Breakfast 08h00a.m.

Then we take a short walk in the tropical rainforest to see some of the plants and trees, then we navigate the Cuyabeno River observing a variety of species; including Toucans, Parrots, Monkeys, then we arrive at the Aguarico River (white water river) and navigate down (approx. 4 hours) to our second campsite at Zancudococha Lagoon. Along the way, we have a good chance to see the pink and gray freshwater river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis). We will enjoy the wonderful sunset at the Zancudococha lagoon. After dinner our naturalist guide will tell us the plan for the next day. *The second camp is located in Zancudococha, the largest lagoon in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

After breakfast

Our native and naturalist guides take us to a different ecosystem (Terra Firme forest), where they explain the difference between this area and the places we have seen before. Our native guide shares his wealth of knowledge, showing us the medicinal and practical uses of the jungle flora that their ancestors have taught them through generations. We return to our camp for lunch. In the afternoon, we navigate on the lake to enjoy the flooded forest (Igapo). We enjoy a relaxed dinner at our camp. After dinner, we venture out on a night excursion to look for Caiman (Alligator family).


Morning activity. After breakfast we return to navigate the Aguarico River for approx. 2 hours to the confluence of the Aguarico River with the Lagartococha River. We navigate in the remote jungle along the Lagartococha river accessing the flooded area where we discover some lakes connected by black water rivers, where we admire a different ecosystem that exists in the flooded jungle or Igapo. After the box lunch we enjoy a swim in the Delfin Cocha lake while observing the pink fresh water dolphins (Inia Geofrensis) swimming near us. We return to the Kichwa Community of Zancudo on the banks of the Aguarico where we have our third camp. Dinner. Relax

Before breakfast

We will navigate by motor canoe to enjoy the beautiful scenery that offers us the flooded forest of the border area between Ecuador and Peru, we will observe some species of birds and monkeys. Breakfast, after breakfast we will go on a short hike to listen to our guide explain a little bit about the ecology of the tropical rainforest. Lunch. In the afternoon we will enjoy navigating in different lakes that this place offers us trying to look for different species of animals. After dinner we will go on a night navigation, just to enjoy the sounds of the jungle and observe caimans.

After breakfast

We navigate upstream on the Aguarico River. Box lunch. On the way we stop in the riverside villages of the local communities to see their handicrafts. Finally we return to Nicky Amazon Lodge. Dinner. After dinner we venture into the jungle to find insect species and with a little luck snake or frog species.

Breakfast 07h00a.m.

After breakfast we head back to Cuyabeno Bridge doing our last activity, which is to look for all kinds of animals that the rainforest can show us. Arriving at the Cuyabeno Bridge, we will receive our box-lunch and it is the place where our transportation will take us back to Lago Agrio or to Quito depending on availability.

Important: The naturalist guide will be able to re-organize the days of the itinerary in the way that he/she believes convenient.


(Tourism Ministry Licensed) bilingual naturalist guides trained in Eco-tourism

Nicky Amazon Lodge with traditional hut accommodation. Comfortable rooms with private bathrooms (double)

Personal equipment: rubber boots and lifejackets

Daily three nutritious meals during the jungle trip (including purified bottled water)

Tea, Coffee, available all day

 Catering for vegetarians

Roundtrip transportation between Quito and Puente de Cuyabeno

Extra meals and extra drinks before and after trip

Rain Poncho

US $ 5 Dollars to be paid at the family visit

 Additional beverages and tips.


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