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Get to know the Amazon jungle with all the comfort that Nicky Lodge offers in its ADVENTURE tours. We are sure you you Will have the best experience in our Lodge, we have áreas for relaxing, rooms with balconies  and hammocks , with a private toilet and hot shower.

Live the experience with Nicky, every day we Will have different activities where you can do some identification of different species together with the naturalist guide, after that we will go to the camping área where we will stay for some days. At night you could enjoy relaxed amazon jungle sounds.

Our personalized service will make you feel as a local person while you visit the traditional local communities from the Area in every of the activities previously planified.

We will keep navigating throught the black wáter rivers and lakes watching Pink Dolphins and Caimans, while you are looking around you could observe birds, monkeys, sloths and other species from the Area.

Definitively if you are a nature lover this tour ADVENTURE is for you.

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Lagartococha is one of the deeper places in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest; its geographical location makes this tour to be considered as one of the

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