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We have developed an environmental policy, which we must respect as much as possible, providing a sustained commitment to local communities and the environment to ensure we have a positive effect. It is about “giving something back.”.

  • ✓  We take care of our natural resources through a constantly monitored process. Solid and liquid waste disposal and water treatment use biodigesters and filtration systems.
  • ✓  Our latest achievement in regular excursions is that we have started using eco-friendly motors, reducing CO2 pollution and lowering noise levels. Local communities used fiber material to make additional canoes.
  • ✓  We offer more activities such as hiking, paddling canoes, and paddleboarding to take care of the environment and add value to your experience in nature.
  • ✓  We encourage the use of bottles and plastic bags at the lodge with the staff as well as with our visitors, and we ask that the use of rechargeable batteries with our devices is very important for us.
  • ✓  Our compost system allows us to manage the organic waste at the lodge.

We appreciate all the living biodiversity through our activities while we walk in the forest or while exploring rivers and lagoons, which also allows us to learn how to protect it because this is the way we leave our best footprint in nature, which is everyone’s commitment.


Local people trying to share their traditions with foreigners - Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve

Responsible tourism is a key point in our corporate philosophy. Local involvement with the communities is an essential part of our tourist operation in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Our range of excursions has allowed us to work together with the Kichwas, Sionas, and Secoyas communities.

We constantly provide training to our guides on topics such as security and first aid and more technical talks such as biology, ornithology, and environmental education, among others. In addition, we involve the local staff in environmental education and encourage them to keep the traditional customs that their ancestors have taught them throughout the generations. Thus inspiring their interest in a personal and professional improvement career.

We know the local participation is a great support to reach our goal and to continue providing more work in this area through tourism while also taking care of nature through socially responsible activities.

Our long excursions deep in the jungle, exploring the lower part of Cuyabeno Reserve and the border with Peru, allow us to visit remote communities, becoming the only way of transportation for traveling long distances so we can take donations to small local schools.

We always care about the quality of food products, and we always look for healthier options. Some of them are local products, so we help the local economy.

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