We are a tour operator focused on the operation of tours in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, providing the best attention and service in order to obtain a happy and satisfied customer with our work, while responding quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers, and making your stay with us to be a real experience that allows you to know, learn, explore and appreciate a place as biodiverse as the Amazon Rainforest is.


By the year 2025 to be the leading Ecuadorian tour operator in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve, growing at a controlled pace, offering a personalized service with the highest standards of quality and biosafety for our customers through good practices of sustainable tourism.



"We receive something and give something back in return, because we think of our future generations".


We have developed a Sustainable Tourism policy based on:

  • Respect for the environment through a commitment to the human and natural environment.

  • A responsible tourism operation with natural and human resources, which are fragile and sensitive to be affected.

  • The participation of local communities as an important axis for our operation, which should generate equitable income.

  • Promote a true positive cultural exchange, so that local communities can develop in a natural way.

  • Support and promote projects focused on the care and protection of the environment.

  • Encourage all visitors, local communities, and ourselves to follow good environmental practices.



Responsibility: So be responsible and to acquire conscience of each of the decisions that are taken during the business management.


Teamwork: It is based on the companionship and the sense of belonging to the team, strengthening their efforts in order to achieve the same goal.


Environmental awareness: To carry out tourism operations making a relationship between the preservation and use of natural resources.

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Transparency and open culture: Employees can access data of collective interest, to promote the participation of everyone in making a decision


Willingness to change: Both the company and the workers must be willing to adopt changes that are necessary to improve productivity and innovation in the medium or long term.

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